China Contemporary Tower Clock

China-clock-homepageThe tower clock located in China’s Shang Ba He National Forest Park is an example of a contemporary time piece designed and manufactured by Mechanical Watch Supply.  These contemporary tower clocks can be incorporated into a wide variety of architectural design elements such as stand-alone towers, office atriums, or landscapes.  They are custom built to meet the client’s desired application.  Mechanical Watch Supply manufactures four different sizes of tower clocks to accommodate dials from 1 to 25 feet in diameter.  Special requests and additional complications including auto winding mechanisms, temperature compensated pendulums, gravity escapements, calendars, or damaskeening (decorative finish) are available.

China-clockThe Shang Ba He contemporary tower clock is a model #1 designed to drive up to four, six foot dials.  The clock is constructed of stainless steel, brass, and bronze.  It incorporates a seconds beating Graham deadbeat escapement as well as a special water driven automatic winding attachment, with manual override.  Additionally, the tower clock has a platinum damaskeened finish.  The clock drives four, three foot dials using a central distribution.  A unique feature of this clock is its visibility.  The clock is mounted on a central pedestal where its operation is viewable by visitors from all sides through glass panels.




View the clock detail with this 360 degree Flash photo animation: 

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