Conservation & Restoration Services

· Complete historical conservation or restoration for any tower clock

· Conservation and cleaning of original painted surfaces on clock

· Exact historical duplication of any missing parts

· Powder coating of dials and hands or other parts, any color or gloss desired

· Conservation approved auto winding systems

· Hand pin striping, and painting in an authentic historical fashion

· Restoration and cleaning of original painted surfaces on clock

· Many original tower clock parts in stock



· Complete machining services to manufacture any part for any tower clock historically correct or other

· Complete foundry services for any castings in iron, brass, bronze, or steel

· Complete tower clock auto winding systems

·Manufacture dials, from one to thirty feet in diameter, from stainless steel or any other material including cast iron with glass or polycarbonate inserts

· Manufacture and install complete tower clock auto-winding systems

· Manufacture hands for dials one to thirty feet in diameter of any style


Gear & Pinion Cutting

· Gear cutting any style one to thirty-six inches in diameter, any material desired including brass or bronze

· Pinion cutting 1/8 inch to 10 inch in hardened steel, brass or bronze


Additional Services

· Complete historical tower clocks for sale, all sizes and all years

· Sales and installation of complete contemporary tower clock systems both simple and complex including satellite GPS, remote control, bell programming, electoral-mechanical bell hammers

· Servicing of any contemporary or historical tower clock

· Consulting services, flat fee or hourly rate

· Insurance Appraisals


This is just a condensed list of our capabilities.
Please contact us with any questions here.