Tower clocks for sale

  1. Seth Thomas #4 with factory auto wind and illuminator, all original, set up for 4 dials
  2. English Street Clock, by Johnson, 2 Dial, Complete, mounts to side of building, clock works are placed inside the building.
  3. E. Howard and Co. #3, time only
  4. E. Howard and Co. #00, time only, restored

Original tower clock parts for sale

  1. E. Howard pilot dial
  2. E. Howard illuminator, gas and electric
  3. Complete #2 gravity escapement
  4. Complete #3 gravity escapement
  5. Signed E. Howard bell, 42 inch
  6. Complete Seth Thomas #16 gravity escapement
  7. E. Howard escape wheels, most models
  8. E. Howard pendulums, most models including temperature compensated
  9. Many original parts for: Seth Thomas, E. Howard & Co., JP Stevens, Pollhans or Schwalbach tower clocks.

Historical reproduction tower clock parts for sale

  1. Historical reproduction parts for all E. Howard Tower Clocks including:
    1. pendulums complete for gravity escapements temperature compensating
    2. gravity escapements
    3. deadbeat escapements
    4. barrels (with great wheels)
    5. winding wheels
    6. pendulum bobs (in cast iron)
    7. winding cranks
    8. Manufacturing of any tower clock part, for any clock.



  1. Tower clocks or tower clock parts by: Seth Thomas, E. Howard & Co., JP Stevens, Pollhans or Schwalbach.
  2. Any original parts for early American tower clocks.
  3. Original catalogs, tooling, patterns, or literature of any type concerning tower clocks.